About Me

Edith Wood


Award-winning photographer Edith Wood studies nature, she waits for the best moment to capture it in all of its best display. Her love of the outdoors and use of natural light and composition result in perfect moments captured in time.

Wood’s love affair with the camera began when she started shooting portraits of her family, first picking up a DSLR camera in 2008. While she has picked up considerable know-how from photographer friends, research and from joining photography groups, Wood says, “I’ve learned the most from my own mistakes and lots of practice.”

“Photography made me look beyond the face of things,” Wood said. “I’ve discovered that everything has a better side. Seeing and trying to bring out the best in everyone and everything is my challenge — to try and make something simple look great, capturing memories, emotions and moments.”

Wood is originally from a small French town in Ontario, Canada. Today, she calls Bluffton home. Her work is sold at the SoBA gallery, The Complete Home and Olde Town Golf Cart in Bluffton. Wood has received numerous awards, including Peoples’ Choice Award at K. Hovnanian Homes community in Hampton Lake in 2015; first place at the 2015 SoBA Judged Show and 2nd place at the 2016 SoBA Judged Show; Camera Club Awards; and nine photos were chosen for the Memory Matters book Meet Me Where I am.

“It’s a lifetime adventure that I am very passionate about,” Wood said of photography, adding, “I create images simply for the love of it.”