Edith Wood
Bluffton, SC



Originally from a small French town in Ontario, now calling Bluffton home, Edith began
her exploration of photography doing portraits for her family which she still enjoys today.
She started with a DSLR camera in 2008 and has since discovered wildlife, landscape and
macro photography. Her love of the outdoors and use of natural light and composition
result in perfect moments captured in time.
Edith is a self-taught photographer in that she’s never taken a photography class but she’s
learned a lot from many photographer friends, research on the web, and from joining
photography groups. However, she points out, “I’ve learned the most from my own
mistakes and a lot of practice.” To quote Edith, “Photography made me look beyond the
face of things. I’ve discovered that everything has a better side. Seeing and trying to bring
out the best in everyone and everything is my challenge... to try and make something
simple look great, capturing memories, emotions...” She says “It’s a lifetime adventure
that I am very passionate about. I create images simply for the love of it!” And it shows in
her work – simply beautiful!

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